Strong Nexus Letters for Veterans' Disabilities

Helping disabled veterans obtain service connection for their conditions.
What is a Nexus Letter?

What is a Nexus Letter?

A Nexus letter is a detailed report created by a neutral, third-party doctor that explicitly links a veteran’s disability or current medical condition to one or more events that occurred during their military service. Its purpose is to help a veteran seek service-connected compensation in opposition to the Veterans Affairs’ rejection of a recently or previously submitted claim. At Patriot Benefit Consulting, we work with licensed medical practitioners who have the knowledge and experience necessary to write effective Nexus letters for veterans that will help them obtain the benefits they deserve.


Benefit from working with a team that cares

Patriot Benefit Consulting has been built on the principles of integrity, transparency, and an unwavering dedication to helping our veterans obtain the comprehensive medical documentation they need to support their disability claims. Reach out to us today and take full advantage of our streamlined process, client-centered approach, and over two decades of experience.

The Importance of a Strong Nexus Letter

The Process

Action Plan

We assess your prior claims and then develop an action plan that outlines the documentation we would need to provide a strong Nexus Letter.

Nexus letter draft

After completing all action plan items, we will draft a Nexus Letter for your VA claim and have it reviewed by a VA-licensed and accredited disability attorney.

Letter Delivery

The medical team will send the finalized Nexus Letter to the veteran that they can then submit to the Department of Veteran's Affairs.
Doctors Who Write Nexus Letters Near Me

Trusted & qualified doctors

Patriot Benefit Consulting treats each case with utmost compassion and professionalism. We have established a nationwide network of certified medical providers who have an in-depth understanding of VA claim requirements and terminology. We can provide you with a highly detailed Nexus letter for primary disabilities and other secondary disabilities that will help you present the strongest possible case to the Veterans Affairs.


How to get a medical Nexus letter with the help of Patriot Benefit Consulting

Our process begins with a free, no-obligation consultation during which our Benefit Consultant will help determine if PBC is right for you. Based on your documentation and evidence, you will receive a roadmap that details if any additional documentation is needed, and the steps moving forward with the process. Once we have all the evidence, one of our neutral third-party doctors will review those documents and write a detailed letter stating their independent medical opinion of how your condition is connected to your time in service. Once complete, the Nexus letter will be sent to you via a HIPAA-compliant link.

Nexus Letters for VA Claims Benefit Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nexus letters work?

Nexus letters for VA claims are evidence-based documents prepared by qualified and credible medical experts. Their purpose is to show a connection between the veteran’s current disability or medical condition, and one or more events that occurred during their time in the Armed Forces.

Can you win a VA claim without a Nexus letter?

The questions of “Do I need a Nexus letter” and “How important is a Nexus letter to the VA” are common among veterans who are looking to appeal one or more denied disability claims. In general, presenting strong, expertly written documentation is essential for proceeding with submitting a claim or appeal successfully. While PBC cannot guarantee the VA will decide in your favor, an analysis conducted by a competent and impartial third-party doctor is held in much higher, therefore, increases the possibility of positive outcome.

Can I write my own Nexus letter?

No. There’s no such thing as a Nexus letter template that you can simply fill out with your information. To be credible and acceptable as a legitimate part of a claim or appeal proceedings, a Nexus letter for VA disability such as depression, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), sleep apnea, and other conditions, must be written by a certified medical provider.

Do VA doctors write Nexus letters?

Most VA doctors will refuse to write Nexus letters for veterans. This is because they’re already working for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and are, therefore, unable to supply a neutral medical opinion according to VA regulations. Veterans are advised to find a qualified medical provider who is not affiliated with VA in any way, such as the VA Nexus letter doctors who work with PBC or their private physician.

How much does a Nexus letter cost?

The average Nexus letter cost varies from provider to provider. Some doctors and companies charge a flat fee, while others offer these services for free at first, but charge a certain price or percentage once the veteran receives their compensation. As a licensed medical group, PBC charges a fee for writing Nexus letters for VA disabilities that’s in line with the rates of private healthcare providers. Our consultations are completely free and come with no strings attached. Contact us today if you would like to ask further questions or schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. Our other services include completing exhaustive and specialized disability benefit questionnaires and providing detailed documentation needed for seeking a disability rating increase, and more. We would be happy to provide you with proper documentation for your veteran disability compensation claim and ensure you receive the outstanding service you deserve.

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